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4511219Department of organization educational processopen
4521216Awards and achievements of the Chair open
4531213International Cooperationopen
4541208Moral and spiritual directionopen
4561207Exchange and study abroad – Outgoingopen
4571207International Cooperation open
4581206Schedule of lessensopen
4591205Educational and Methodological Activityopen
4601205Scientific metricsopen
4611203Scientific and research activityopen
4621202International Cooperationopen
4631201Unified National Testopen
4651198Scientific and research activityopen
4661197Advertising and promotion directionopen
4671196Doctoral Entrance Examination Programmesopen
4681194Student Lifeopen
4691194Scientific and research activityopen
4701193Kazakh for foreigners! Russian for foreigners!open
4721191Series of "Pedagogical sciences"open
4731186International Cooperationopen
4741185International Cooperationopen
4751184Registration officeopen
4761184University Administrationopen
4771184Students officeopen
4781180Student Lifeopen
4791179Academic mobility of taechers and studentsopen
4801177Educational and Methodological Activityopen
4811176Еnvironmental directionopen
4831175Scientific and research activityopen
4841174Student Lifeopen
4851172Awards and Achievements of the disciplines of the pedagogical cycle at the Universityopen
4861170Student Lifeopen
4871169The List of Diploma Projectsopen
4891162Department of Public Relationsopen
4901162Department of Civil Defense and Mobilization Preparationopen
4911161Animator`s activity directionopen
4921160Ideological directionopen
4931158Ranking 2019open
4941155Student Lifeopen
4951153Republican educational and methodical sectionopen
4961152Maintenance departmentopen
4971146The List of Diploma Projectsopen
4981146Community Services Departmentopen
4991142Social and Pedagogical Directionopen
5001137Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen

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