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 Ibragim Togzhan
Rector of the student rectorate


Student Rectorate of KazNPU named after Abai is a representative body - the environment of active youth of the university, formed in a modern creative spirit, popularizing national traditions and customs, universal human spiritual and moral values and patriotic education.

The Student Rectorate endowed with broad powers, carries out its work in the form of a Council and in its activities is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On State Youth Policy" and other regulatory legal acts.

This public organization initiates and implements educational, cognitive, creative, social, innovative and creative projects, as well as develops recommendations to improve the efficiency of interagency interaction, actively participating in this process. All proposals and ideas of the student administration are transferred to the head of the university, after a preliminary analysis, they are submitted for public discussion (at the university level). The heads of all structural units and other responsible persons support youth initiatives.


1) Systematic creation of a youth environment that individualizes talents, determines the personal level of students, promotes the disclosure of their qualities and supports the values of student life;
2) implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the legislative acts of the country;
3) Development of the system of self-government of students at all levels of higher education;
4) Education of students in the patriotic spirit;
5) Formation of personal qualities of students for the benefit of society; creation of conditions for the development of their potential intellectual capabilities;
6) Creating conditions for direct participation of students in research work, helping talented young people to get involved in science.