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University structure
 Almukhametov Berikzhan Aitkululy
Chairman of the Council of Veterans

30, Kazybek bi str

Aims and objectives of the University Veterans Council:
1. Giving a tribute to veterans of(1941-1945), went to the front from the walls of the Abai KazNPU;
2. Together with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War have the honor of labor veterans and veterans of the Afghan war;
3. Keep a record of all the aforementioned veterans, to monitor employment, social status of pensioners during the holidays to help financially and morally rewarding, sick and disabled indicate charity.
4. To put the example of patriotic ideas, heroic veterans, home front workers and the Afghan war, so to bring up patriotism in Kazakhstan youth.
5. Supporting policies and programs of the Head of State «Kazakhstan-2050», «100 concrete steps», «Eternal State», «Green economy» and others., To instill the idea of competitive personality, embodied in «the eternal state». Continuing to extol veterans, Labour and the Afghan war.





Work plan of the Council of Pedagogical Veterans of the Second World War and home front workers of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University