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Self-development technologies

On February 17, 2020, Aidana Iniyatova, a teacher of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, held an open seminar on the topic «Technology of Self-Development» for 4th year students of the 1st group of specialty «5B012300-Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge».

The purpose of the event: to reveal the essence and content of self-development technology, to analyze game technologies that contribute to personal development. As a result, the concept of «I» can become a vital principle.

At the seminar, which took place in a creative atmosphere, the elements of the technology of developing education and personal self-development were presented. In order to reveal a new topic, a video (podcasting) was shown on an interactive whiteboard, and a brainstorming strategy was used during the survey. In group work, students performed analysis and synthesis comparisons with the methods of «Cluster», «Euler`s circle». With the help of the game «Hot Chair» were developed logical abilities. Using the Kahut technology, generalized tests were obtained. Students enthusiastically evaluated themselves and the lesson by means of five-finger feedback.

The eventwas attended by head of the Department Ulbosyn Kyakbayeva and the teaching staff of the Department. They expressed their opinions and suggestions. The seminar «Self-development Technologies» was held at a high level.







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