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The results of the 76th scientific conference of Abai KazNPU among students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology have been summed up


Scientific and practical conferences are held annually at the university, at which students present the results of their research. The reports are distinguished by the relevance of the problems posed, novelty and practical significance, and a variety of topics.

The main purpose of the organization and development of research activities of students is to increase the level of scientific training of specialists with higher professional education and to identify talented young people for further training in the master`s degree and replenishment of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the university.

20 students participated in the 76th scientific student conference of the Abai KazNPU University, which is held annually, in the specialties 5B102300 - «Social pedagogy and self-knowledge» (Russian department) of the EP «Preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledge», Institute of «Pedagogy and Psychology». The grand opening of the event took place on November 20, 20216 on the ZOOM platform.

The subject of scientific works of students shows that students in their research implement the results of research conducted by the department. The list of subjects is regularly updated. In the context of the research topic of the department, most of the research works are devoted to solving psychological, pedagogical and social problems of education and upbringing at the present stage of development. The principles, methods, forms, technologies of teaching, the interaction of cognitive activity, learning motivation and aspects of the educational process are being actively studied.

In the works of students, the actual problems of teaching and developing children are also considered, the issues of family education and its strengthening are deeply touched upon, which presupposes purposeful management of the process of socialization, familiarizing the younger generation with society. Today it is one of the most acute problems of modern society, and at the global level.

After hearing and discussing all the reports submitted to the conference by students of the specialty 5B012300-Social Pedagogy and self-knowledge, the commission decided to award prizes:
I place - Tastenova Aitzhan 4rd year student.
ІІ place- Asan Dariga 3rd year student, Maruka Anel 2rd year student.
ІІІ place Valeria Nikulina 1 rd year student, Ilyas Marzhan 2rd year student, Nikita Uspensky 3rd year student, Yasinmukhametov Rinat 3rd year student, Taldybayeva Damira 3rd year student.





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