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The President supports the educator`s high status!

On 18 October, 2018, under the leadership of the staff of the chair «Pre-school Education and Social Pedagogy» of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, a meeting was held to discuss of the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan «Growth of welfare of Kazakhstan`s citizens: improving the quality of income and life».

The event was attended by the Director of the Institute, representatives of Management of educational work, the staff of the faculty, students and undergraduates, as well as doctoral students.

The director of the Institute of Pedagogy and psychology doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Berizhan Almukhambetov, who noted that in the Address the Head of State devoted special attention to the social sphere. «I believe that next year it is necessary to develop and adopt the law «On the status of the educator», - says the Message». «It means that the status of the educator is significantly will increase. «The Head of State paid special attention to teachers, educators and social educators, the main purpose of this meeting said B. Almukhambetov. The Message of the Head of State which dated on October 5 and paying particular attention to priorities in science, contribute proposals for the implementation of tasks outlined in the Message».

Ulbosyn Kiyakpaeva , the head of the Department of «Pre-school education and social pedagogy» at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology made a report «the teacher`s status in the system of education» . On her report she elaborated on the fifth section of the Address of the Head of State, underlining that «the requirements for the quality of training specialists of educational institutions of higher education and the main criterion assessment of the success of the university - the employment of students who have completed their studies, their high-wage employment, status increase and salary fees of preschool education teachers». At the meeting, presentations were made by the representatives of the youth Association Department for educational work. Students and undergraduates who participated in the discussion of the Message President expressed their point of views. Participants of the meeting discussed the questions, exchanged views on the implementation of the tasks of the Head of State`s Address at a high level. At the end of the meeting, it was decided to provide all possible support from the staff of the Institute for the implementation of the objectives of the Message.





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