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«Innovation in education and science»

In accordance with the operating plan of the formation of the Branch of JSC «NCPD «Orleu» Institute for professional development of Almaty region» holds an International Scientific and Methodical Conferenceon the topic of «Innovation in education and science» at 10 o`clock in the morning (on time of Astana)on November 22-23, 2018.

Conference Organizer: department of Management and Quality of Education of the Branch of JSC «NCPD «Orleu» «Institute for professional development of Almatyregion».
The purpose of the conference is improvingthe trajectory of innovation in education and science, analyzing the peculiarities of improvement of the qualifications of pedagogical workers in international practice.

The thematic areas of the conference (sections):
-natural and mathematical sciences (mathematics, physics, computer science);
- сhemistry and Biology;
-social-humanitarian and social sciences (history,philology);
- psychological and pedagogical sciences;
- art, sport,technologies.

At the II International scientific - methodical conference «Innovations in education and scientific conference and science» head of the chair of «Preschool education and social pedagogy» Ulbosyn Ulbosyn Kyakbaeva, PhD senior lecturer Assem Bushlekbaeva («The ideas of V.A. Sukhomlinsky at the present stage»),senior lecturer Sagynysh Oshakbaeva and Saule Erkebaeva («The effective application of technology of M. Montessori in preschool education at the present time») made presentations.



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