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«Science and the place of young people in science»


At the University within the framework of the Decade of science - 2019 among the first year students of specialty» 6М010100 - preschool education and upbringing» there was held a debate on the topic «Science and the place of young people in science».


The debate is of great importance for improving the professional competence of undergraduates, as well as in the development of the quality of education in cultural and spiritual development.


Reviewed issues:
1.The role and popularity of science among young people.

2. Connection between theory and practice of preschool education.


In the debate it was noticeable how students use critical thinking. Among undergraduates, a debate is the most important sphere of scientific research. The purpose of the discussion is usually to defend a position on controversial issues and to refute another position.


During the debate, the impartiality of undergraduates is manifested at the time of a counter-question. Scientific interests and ideas received by undergraduates are manifested during the debate.





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