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Ecological culture - from kindergarten


At the KazNPU named after Abai, on the 17.04.2019 year, there was held a scientific seminar on «Ecological culture - from kindergarten» with undergraduates of the 1 st course on the specialty «Pre-school education and upbringing» leaded Ph.D. doctor Aksaule Mankesh Professor of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy of the Institute of pedagogics and psychology.

Students, masters and doctoral students of this specialty, teachers of the department and other guests participated in the seminar on «Development of Eco-cultural Culture of Children of Pre-school Organization by Using Non-Traditional Technologies» on the subject «Development of children`s creative abilities». Nowadays the world of the problem of environmental protection should be known from pre-school age. We try to show with covering five areas of education such as drama, english, feminine literature integrated with environmental education has been compared with environmental education abroad.





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