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74 student scientific conference


On November 18, 2019, students of the specialties «Social pedagogy and self-knowledge» and «preschool education and education» at the Department of pedagogy and psychology, preschool education and social pedagogy, Institute of pedagogy and psychology took part in the 74th traditional scientific conference of students and undergraduates, which demonstrated its scientific potential.

The purpose of the conference is to attract students and undergraduates to scientific research, to promote and create conditions for the development of their research abilities and creative potential.

Welcoming remarks were delivered by the head of the department, associate professor U.K. Kyyakbaeva. She wished students success in their studies and the pursuit of new knowledge.

The conference was attended by students, undergraduates and their supervisors in two specialties.

List of students who won prizes in each section:

«5B010100-Preschool education and upbringing» (bachelor`s degree, Kazakh Department)
1st place: Razy Ainur 1st course;
2nd place: konyrova Aikorkem 3 course, Bidakhmetova Balzhan 3 course
3rd place: Ybyrayym Kymbat, 1 course, Kuanyshbaykyzy Saltanat, 1 course, Sharaeva Nazerke, 1 course;
«5B012300-Social pedagogy and self-knowledge» (bachelor`s degree, Kazakh Department)
1st place: Kadirbek Dinara 4-course;
2nd place:Cyrtopholis, 4 year; Sadenova Asem 3 3 course;
3rd place: Amirbek Arina 4-course, Mysyr Sunkar 4-course, Tlekova Dinara 3-course.







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