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Seminar «Results of foreign internship of doctoral students»


On November 29, 2019 at the Department of preschool education and social pedagogy of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology was held a seminar «Results of foreign training of doctoral students». During the event, an exchange of experience of foreign countries in the field of higher and postgraduate education was also held.

The head of the department Ulbosyn Kyyakbaeva, who invited the teaching staff of the department to share their thoughts, conducted the seminar.

The doctoral students who underwent foreign internships, Aliya Konysbaeva, Gulmira Myshbaeva, Sandugash Tleubai, Altynay Zhakupova, Ardak Mukhamedzhanova, Tolkyn Zhumasheva, Saule Erkebaeva, Makpal Baketova, Laura Taitelieva and Aizhan made reports. They told how their scientific internships took place at Dongguk University (Seoul, South Korea), Gazi University (Turkey) and B. Grinchenko Kiev University (Ukraine). They created all the conditions for conducting high scientific research at the doctoral level.

So, doctoral students visited university libraries, studied various literature and other sources necessary for writing doctoral dissertations, analyzed the collected materials, and also received advice for publishing their articles in journals with impact factor.
It was emphasized that such initiatives allow the teaching staff, young scientists and students to gain extensive knowledge in various fields of science.





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