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Schedule of open classes are carried out


The department of the Russian language and literature in December 2018 ended all planned open classes.

On December 10, an open lecture was held by the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Gulmira Kazhigaliyeva on the subject «Methods of Teaching the Russian Language» on the topic «Methods of Speech Development in Russian Language Lessons». This integrated lecture has incorporated elements of visualized and problem lectures, and conference lectures. Its interactive nature allowed students to assimilate the material in the process of active cooperation with the lecturer.

On December 13, Madina Abaeva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor, held an open lesson in the discipline «General Linguistics» on the subject of «Psycholinguistics». The complex theoretical topic was learned by the students thanks to a well-thought out method of presenting scientific information.

Attendance and discussion of open lectures become for teachers of the department another source of replenishment of pedagogical experience.






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