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Semester training courses of professor from Estonia

In the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, Irina Belobrovtseva, a visiting professor from Tallinn University (Estonia), will work at the Department of Russian Language and Literature of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education.

Professor I. Belobrovtseva is a well-known researcher of Russian literature and culture of the XX-XXI centuries, the author of the monograph «The novel of Mikhail Bulgakov «Master and Margarita»: The experience of commentary», books and articles about the writers of the "Russian diaspora», textbooks for universities on the latest Russian literature and others.

The undergraduates were very lucky to attend courses in academic disciplines devoted to the problems of the philological analysis of literary text and the latest Russian literature, prepared by such a highly qualified specialist.


The first lectures demonstrated not only the high scientific qualifications of the lecturer, but also her ability to find contact with the audience, to captivate the audience with the energy of scientific research. Master students will have work in lectures and seminars, which will become an important part of their professional training.





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