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«The problems of training teachers of XXI century»


On February 21, 2019, a Roundtable discussionon «The problems of training teachers of XXI century» was held, on the basis of the Chair of Foreign Languages of the Institute of Philology and Multilingual Education. The school employer Madina Begazova (Almaty Kazakh state humanitarian and pedagogical college №1), teaching stuff of the Chair of Foreign Languages and Master Students of specialty «6M011900 - Foreign language: Two foreign languages» (Abai KazNPU) took part in the discussion.

During the roundtable discussion undergraduates: Saltanat Satibek, Dana Zhumabayeva, Agzhan Suembekova delivered a report on the topic «Portrait of a teacher of the XXI century»; Adinaі Muratova on the topic «Actualization of a portrait of a teacher of the XXI century»; Anel Khamzina on the topic «Competences of the future». The main theoretical concepts related to the teacher`s competencies were analyzed, andthe competencies that are relevant to the introduction of the updated education content were considered.

The participants of the roundtable discussion shared their views on the professionalism, qualities and skills that teachers of the new century should possess, as well as on the key problems of teacher training. The importance of the teacher`s professional, subject, methodological, communicative and psychological competencesand the significance of linguistic, socio-cultural and intercultural-communicative competence for a foreign language teacher was noted. The need for organizational skills, flexibility and humanism, as well as the ability to use information and communication technologies, was emphasized.

As a resolution to the roundtable discussion, all the necessary qualities for the teacher of the new century were summarized into the words «responsibility» and «humanity».






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