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Kolumbayeva Sholpan Zhaksybaevna



Born in 1963, Kazashka. Place of birth-Russia, NSO. Higher education - the Karaganda State University, specialty-biology; qualification - biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry. She started teaching at the higher school of Economics in Carpi in 1991. From 1993 to 1999 - full-time postgraduate study at the Department of pedagogy of Abay`s name ASU. In 2000, she successfully defended her PhD thesis, specialty 13.00.08-theory and methodology of professional education. The higher attestation Commission of the MES from 7.10. 2003 awarded the academic title of associate Professor in pedagogy. By the decision of the Academic Council of June 30, 2009, he was awarded the academic title of Professor of Abay`s name KazNPU. Since 2001, I have been working at Abay`s name KazNPU.  first worked at the Department of primary school pedagogy and since 2005 at the Department of pedagogy. She was the scientific Secretary of the doctoral dissertation Council d 14.05.01 (2007-2008). From 2011-2012 worked as a Deputy General Director of the RSPC "Bobek". I have prepared and defended 1 c.p.s. (in co-leadership), 1 Ph. D. in the specialty 6D0103 "Pedagogy and psychology" (2011). I have More than 150 scientific and methodological publications.



Educational establishment


date of completion


The Karaganda State University

Qualification: biologist, teacher of biology and chemistry




Name of the academic degree

Field of science

date of issue of the diploma


Candidate of pedagogical Sciences

Theory and methodology of professional education




undergraduate courses:


2.Management in education and electronic documentation;

3.Technologies of educational work


SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY - research subject, number of publications 

The number of publications - more than 150 scientific and methodological works.

Research topics: Modernization of continuing pedagogical education, problems of teacher training, methodological approaches in higher pedagogical education


1. The meaningful component of the professional standard of the teacher // Teacher of science №2 (13)(Russia, Moscow), 2013-p. 171-175.

2. Concept of implementation of the national idea "Mangilik El" in higher education institutions of Kazakhstan-Almaty: Ulagat Publishing house of KazNPU. Abai`s.- 2015. - 56c. (in Russian and Kazakh) - (co-authored).

3. Monitoring of the Educational Process During the Pedagogical Practical Training in School/ / INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL & SCIENCE EDUCATION 2016, VOL. 11, NO. 10, 3532-3547

4. Concept of system modernization of pedagogical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (project)Izd-vo "Lat" KazNPU named after Abai`s.- 2016. - 31C. (co-authored).

5. Evaluation of the Program Effectiveness of Research Competence Development in Prospective Elementary School Teachers / / INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of ENVIRONMENTAL & SCIENCE EDUCATION 2016, VOL. 11, NO. 18, 12299-12316(co-authored).



Research topics: Problems of modern education and upbringing, socialization of students, national education.

The number of publications - more than 150 scientific and methodological works.

1. Pedagogy (approved by the MES) Almaty: 2016 -392 p. (p. 17-36, p. 63-88, p259-278, p. 338-352) ((co-authored )

2. Theory and methods of upbringing work (approved by the MES)Almaty: 2016. - 265 p. (foreword, p. 46-60, 107-123, 170-198) (co-authored )

3. Pedagogy. Textbook. - Almaty, 2017-369p. (co-authored )

4. Theory and methodology of educational work. Textbook.-Almaty, 2017-326c. (co-authored )

5. National Component of the Training Content of the Teachers in Kazakhstan`s school / / Opción, Año 34, No. 85-2 (2018): 653-677 ISSN 1012-1587/ISSNe: 2477-9385 (SCOPUS) ((co-authored )



Badge "UZDIK USTAZ"of KazNPU named afterAbay  ( №436) 


Badge" I.Altynsarin"  of the MES RK (№734)



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