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Abdrakhmanova Roza Beisenovna


She graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of the Specialty "preschool pedagogy and psychology" (1975), postgraduate study at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Psychology of the ASU. Abay (1994). Candidate of Psychological Sciences (2005). Assistant Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of Ipsychology of KazNPU.Abay (from 1994 to present time). Since 1975, she worked in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Since 1978, she worked as a teacher in the pedagogical school No. 1. Since 1994 she worked as a teacher in KazNPU. Abay. He is an excellent student of the RK education.
From 2008-2015 - Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Special Education of the Institute of Magistracy and Doctoral Studies PhD KazNPU them. Abay From 2015 to the present, associate professor of the chair of pedagogy and psychology KazNPU named after Abai Area of scientific interests: theoretical and practical psychology, social psychology, zoopsychology, problems of psychological service in education. Participated in the development of the State educational program for 12-year education.
Under her leadership and direct participation, research was carried out in the framework of applied and fundamental research:
1. International project "TEMPUSLMPSM", 2012.
2. Project "The information technology" in preventive prevention and intervention of mental health of schoolchildren.
3. Project "The Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Preventive Suicidologists in Educational Institutions", 2011. The theme of the thesis: "The formation of the professional orientation of teachers and psychologists."
Under her leadership, scientific research was carried out on topical problems of psychology with over 40 undergraduates in the specialty "Psychology", "Pedagogy and Psychology". More than 50 scientific works have been published, including standard curricula, educational and methodological guides (Experiment Psychology of Negroes, Preventive Suicide Prevention in Children and Adolescents, Social and Organizational Psychology, Zoopsychology, The Practical Course on Psychology, and etc.) which are used in the process of conducting training sessions for students studying in the specialty "pedagogy and psychology", "psychology". And also with more than 150 scientific articles published in the journals CCKSON, foreign journals Skopus, RINC.
R.B.Abdrakhmanova is systematically engaged in accumulating scientific experience and improving qualifications. In order to self-education and improve the scientific level, she completed internships: in 2013, Leipzig University of Germany, in the centers of scientific information: in 2011 gDusseldorf Germany, 2012 Prague Czech Republic. She creatively collaborates with scientists from foreign universities on the issues of scientific research for students, undergraduates and doctoral students.
He is a member of the editorial board of the international - scientific - public magazine Dogma, "Higher School of the RK" For special merits in the field of education of the RK, she was awarded on the pectoral sign "Excellence in Education of the Republics of Kazakhstan" and with honorary and diplomas of KazNPUyim. Abay and Almaty city of Bostandyk district.



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