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Mukhadiev Akimbek Mederhanovich


In 1979 - 1986 - studies at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin. With 1986-2011g.g. he worked in the design institute "Almatygiprogor-1." Simultaneously, in KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov worked as lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, head of the department "Interior Design", Dean of the Faculty. Is the "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan." Member of several international competitions and exhibitions. His students are winners of various international competitions, have diplomas I and II degrees.
1997-2003g.g. He participated in the development and preparation of Encyclopaedia of Fine Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
1995-2007g.g.uchastvoval State Standard of Education in the development of RK-specializations 050421 "Interior Design" in KazNAU them. T.Zhurgenov. Author of a number of teaching materials and programs for architectural education. Since 2006 he is a full member of the Academy of Design NIER Kyrgyz Republic.
In 2011. hired by the Kazakh Head Architecture and Construction Academy at International Education Corporation as an assistant professor, Department of "Architecture", where he works now.
In November 2014 he defended his thesis in KSUCTA them. N. Isanov, specialty 05.23.20. - Theory and architecture history, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage, on the topic "Problems of synthesis of the arts in the modern architecture of Kazakhstan." Actively involved in the organizational and methodical, scientific and research activities conducted at the Faculty and the Academy.
During the 29 years since 1986, conducts workshops on discipline "Architectural Design" and lecturing at a high professional level, for architectural specialties at the rate of "World History of Architecture." Constantly engaged in the research of the theory and history of architecture in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
The list of scientific and scientific-methodical and similar works of 19 titles, including three works have been published in Kyrgyzstan, 3 foreign editions (Poland, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan).
Regularly publishes his articles on the activities of architecture and the architecture in respulikanskih media. Along with the educational and scientific work is carried out educational work among the students, as the scientific director of the preparations for NIRS.

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