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Erkebaeva Saule Zhovartovna

Full Name

Erkebaeva Saule Zhovartovna

Date of birth

August 23, 1987


2006-2010 Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abay. Faculty of pedagogy and psychology. Specialty: 5b010100 "preschool education and upbringing" (bachelor`s degree))

In 2010-2012, Abay Kazakh national pedagogical University.Institute of master`s and doctoral studies PhD.

Specialty: 6m010100 "preschool education and upbringing" (master`s degree))

2011-2012 Lithuanian Educational University faculty of educational Sciences. Vilnius

Position and rank

master of pedagogical Sciences, teacher, Department of "preschool education and social pedagogy" of the Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abay.


Place of work and position after graduation from a higher education institution

From 2008 to 2011, he worked as a teacher in Russian kindergarten No. 109.

From 2010 to 2012, he worked as a teacher at the international center for child development "FasTracKids".

2011-2013. worked as a methodologist for educational work of the Kazakh women`s Institute, faculty of pedagogy and psychology.

In 2013-2020, she worked as a teacher of the Department "Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education"Of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology of the Abay Kazakh national pedagogical University.

Scientific interest

Stages of formation and development of speech of preschool children. Current state and problems of preschool education development.


"Mestake Dang tarbie me outway negs eregeng sherler Turala", is a Professor at the R. M. Onbeauty 70 international Merey of toyin aralen "Bolashak amandurdy 12 international outwa CSU gamalinda of darlow of me keleshegi" Atta respublikasy scientific - practically conference 9.12, 2009 well. 366 b.

2."Mestake Dang ballardi oitda oginni school" 14-17 with Abay finday ASPO-ti masters and PhD istitutioni Elekter Atta magazine, Almaty, 2011ж No. 9"Balabala iindustrial excellent IC rekende oginni erecting»

 "Pedagogical meseleler" the journal of Almaty, 2011ж, No. 2, 36-38 "Mestake Dang ballardi didactically oyundar arily tldc all jeldred Basim baattery" Scientific - pedagogical asylym "Ult tagylymy"No. 2/2012ж Scientific - pedagogical asylym "Ult tagylymy"No. 2/2012ж 67-69 b

"Mestake Dang simday tries telecine erecting»

Russian Russian language training in 12-year schools", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ph. D.,Professor of KazNPU Named after Abay R. T. Mendekinova, 20.12.2013, g Almaty Republican Scientific and practical conference"Preparation and continuous professional development of primary school teachers to learn Russian in 12 - year schools", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Ph. D.,Professor of KazNPU named after Abay R. T. mendekinova, 20.12.2013, Almaty

"Using the method of mnemonics" of the Interuniversity round table "Current issues of modern primary mathematical education" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ph. D., acting Professor Kdyrbaeva, Almaty. 06. 12. 2013 149-152, with

"The most common pedagogical system of F. February" Journal Of scientific publications of postgraduates and doctoral students 2014 №2 (92) February, Kursk 235-237, p

"Pedagogical process of implementation of integrated education of preschool children", "Theory of integral pedagogical process-the basis of professional training of the future teacher", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor N. D. Khmel g Almaty 28-29. 05. Two thousand fourteen

The development of speech in ontogenesis in children of early age

(VII international scientific and practical conference "young scientist -2019" 22.02.2019 Taraz )

Currently, the efficiency of the use of technology in Montessori preschool education. 

II international scientific and methodological conference "Innovations in education and science" November 22-23, 2018. national center for advanced training of Orleu.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATIVE ABILITIES IN CHILDREN OF PRESCHOOL AGE the II International scientific-practical conference " Suchen strateg pedagog Ovi in the context rozbudowy suspilstva steel development taurostigma

Priority directions of the updated content of education in preschool organizations, scientific and methodological journal of the Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abay "Pedagogy and psychology".  No. 3 (63), Almaty 2019

 "Methods of using game technologies in preschool organizations" Almaty, 2014-122b ISBN 9965-4-76 UDC373

Alphabet notebook for children 5-6 years old and a manual for teachers-educators . "Basics of sports 1,2", "speech development" Atamura 2020.

Participation in scientific projects

System of training of preschool education specialists in pedagogical higher education institution 2014zh

Since when has he worked at the Department

Since 2013 lecturer at the Department of "Pedagogy and psychology", Kazakh national pedagogical University named after Abai, theory and methodology of elementary education, from 2018 works at the Department of "preschool education and social pedagogy" of the University.

Public works

The website responsible

Contact details


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