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Akhmetova Aigul Igenkyzy



From 01.11.1997 to 01.09.2000, she worked at school No. 148 in Almaty as a teacher-psychologist of the highest category for the adaptation of experimental textbooks of a new generation. In 1998, as a teacher of the Department of "Fundamentals of Pedemastership" of the IPK PPK of Almaty, she prepared a package of documents for testing teachers participating in the first Teacher of the Year-1998 competition. From 04.11.2002 to 03.03.2003, working as a teacher-methodologist at RIPKSO, she took an active part in organizing and conducting the Republican contest of primary school teachers. From 25.08.2003 to 23.08.2004, she was appointed head of the methodological department of the Kyzylorda regional UMC DO, where she held the first regional competition of teachers of DO. From 2005 to 2009, working as the SNC of the Y. Altynsarin National Research Institute, participated in the organization and conduct of scientific, theoretical and practical conferences, seminars in the field of education, worked on applied projects for the 025th, 055th programs, working in the IGCH of the Bobek National Research Center (since 28.08.2009 on 01.09.2016) developed the UMK on the problems of spiritual and moral education. Abai KazNPU has developed 7 OP for the specialty "5B012300 - Social pedagogy and self-knowledge" and more than 10 teaching aids. Akhmetova A.I. has published more than 90 scientific and methodological publications.



Educational institution


End date

Kyzylorda State University named after Korkyt Ata

Teacher of pedagogy and psychology


KazNPU named after. Abaya

Master of Pedagogical Sciences


KazNPU named after. Abaya

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Name of the academic degree

Field of science

Date of issue of the diploma

Doctor of PhD

Pedagogy and psychology



SUBJECTS TAUGHT (list by training levels)

1. Technologies of social and pedagogical work (bachelor`s degree)

2. Methods of teaching self-knowledge (Bachelor`s degree)

3. Socio-pedagogical foundations of prevention of suicidal behavior of children and adolescents (bachelor`s degree)

4. Stress management in the work of a social pedagogue (bachelor`s degree)

5. Psychological foundations of self-knowledge (Bachelor`s degree)

6. Fundamentals of Conflictology (Bachelor`s degree)

7. Self-knowledge (Bachelor`s degree)

8. Monitoring in the work of a social pedagogue and a teacher of self-knowledge (bachelor`s degree)

9. Modern educational technologies (Bachelor`s degree)


SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications

Research topics:

1. Prevention of suicidal behavior as a problem of inclusive education

2. Socialization of youth in the socio-cultural space of the university, spiritual and moral education of youth

3. Formation and development of psychological and pedagogical readiness of future teachers


Significant publications:

1. Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of personality. Almaty: "Lightar Trade" LLP, 2020-323 p. The textbook is recommended for publication by the UMS (UMO) in the group of specialties "brazovanie" at KazNPU named after.Abaya ROOMS MES RK

2. Scientific and methodological foundations of socialization and personal education in the modern socio-cultural space: Monograph. - Almaty; RSE "National Scientific and Practical, educational and wellness center "Bobek", 2020. - 319 p.

3. Izgilik pedagogicasyn negizderi.Oku kuraly.Nursultan.2021. 245b. The textbook is recommended for publication by the UMS (UMO) in the group of specialties "education" at KazNPU named after.Abaya ROOMS MES RK

4. Socio-pedagogical foundations of prevention of suicidal behavior of schoolchildren". Textbook. - M.: Publishing house "Development of education", 2020. - 101 p. - 1 electron. opt. disc (CD-ROM).

5.psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of personality. Training manual.- Almaty: 2021.-280C.approved by the decision of the educational and methodological Association in the field of Education ROEC of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Pedagogical Sciences" at Abai Kaznpu on 21.05.2021 and submitted for publication, Protocol No. 3.


SCIENTIFIC AND METHODOLOGICAL ACTIVITY - research topics, number of publications 

Research topics:

1. Scientific and methodological foundations of socio-pedagogical activity

2. Problems of crime prevention among adolescents

3. Blended learning in a university setting

4. Development of personal communication skills

5. The problem of training specialists in the field of education


Significant publications:

1.scientific and methodological foundations of the activity of a social teacher. Akhmetova A. I., Omarbekova A. I.-Almaty: publishing house" Asyl kitap", 2020. - 211 P.

2.socio-pedagogical prevention of violence and delinquency among minors. Almaty: Publishing House" Asyl kitap", 2021. - 289 P.

3.Readiness of future teachers to the subject `Self-knowledge` for spiritual and moral development of senior high school students as psychological and pedagogical problem. ICP 2016 Yokohama. The 31st International Congress of Psychology. International Journal of Psychology, V. 51, Issue Supplement S1, P.1127

2.The importance of game technology in primary education// Worl journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 2022, 14 (4), pp.996-1004. (Scopus-56 процентиль).

3.Experimental study of  psichological and pedagogical readiness of the future teachers for moral and spiritual development of senior school studets// International Journal  of Environmental and Science Education. - 2016. - V.11. - Iss. 18. - P.11261-11282. (ISSN: 13063065 IJFSE). (Scopus-49 процентиль).



1. Medal honored professor of Kazakhstan, Certificate No. 02149 from the International Scientific and Research Institute "Bobek".

2. Diploma 1 idea for participation in the Republican competition "honorary professor of Kazakhstan" #14-0121010, Nur-Sultan - 2021.



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