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Zaurbekov Nurgali Sabyrovich



1986-1992 worked in KazNIVI as a senior software engineer, 1992-1996 assistant of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of KazGASA.
In 1996 he was transferred as a senior lecturer of the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of KazNPU named after Abai. From 1998 to 2001 he worked as an assistant professor of the above named department.
2001-2003 - Senior Researcher of the Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of KazNPU named after Abai.
2003 - 2012 - Head of the Department "Applied Informatics" KazEU named after T. Ryskulov.
From September 2012 to September 2018 - Head of the Department of Information Technologies of ATU.
Since 2018 - Professor of the Department of Informatics and Informatization of Education of KazNPU named after Abai.
2010 defended his doctoral dissertation.
Participated in the certification of various universities of the country as part of the State Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Member of the editorial board of the journals "Bulletin of Cherkasy University", INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL SECURITY & FUTURE (Bulgaria).



Educational Institution


date of completion 

S. M. Kirov named KazGU (currently al -Farabi KazNU)

mathematics, specialization computational mathematics




Name of the academic degree

Field of science

date of issue of the diploma 

doctor of technical Sciences

05.13.18-Mathematical models, numerical methods and software packages;


13 July 2011


candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences

05.13.16-Application of mathematical models, numerical methods and software packages in scientific papers




Name of the academic title

date of assignment 

Associate Professor in computer science, computer engineering and management

17 may 2002

Professor in the scientific direction 21100 - Computer Science and Informatics



1 Computer Technologies in Mathematical Modeling - Master`s Degree, 1st year
2 Mathematical and computer modeling - IS, MKM
4 Numerical methods for solving applied problems - MKM
5 Computer modeling - IS, MKM, Informatics
6 Mathematical modeling and numerical methods - 5V011100, 5V070300 (bachelor`s degree), 2-3 course
7 Fundamentals of IS - Art Institute, 3 course
8 Digital technologies in education - PZHP Institute
9 Optimization methods - IS, MCM
8. Research work of a doctoral student( PhD)
9. Research work of a master`s student - Master`s Degree


Research subject: Mathematical modeling of anthropogenic atmospheric air load in industrial regions under real climatic conditions
Number of publications: Author of more than 330 scientific papers, including 9 monographs, 2 patents for inventions, as well as 8 articles in rating journals included in the Scopus and Thomson Reuters database.
1. Emission spread from mass and energy exchange in the atmospheric surface layer: Two-dimensional simulation - Energy Sources Part A Recovery Utilization and Environmental Effects. volume 40, 2018 - Issue 23. - Pages 2832-2841
2. Some methods of training radial basis neural networks in solving the Navier-Stokes equations - International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids - volume 86, 2018 - Issue 10 - Pages 625-636
3. Mathematical Modelling of Atmospheric Pollution in an Industrial Region with a View to Design an Information System Software for Ecological Situation - Ekoloji, 2019, Issue 107, Pages: 349-358
4. Теоретические основы исследования состояния компонентов природных сред и методы оценки влияния естественных и антропогенных нагрузках - Monograph / Almaty, 2017, - 232 p.
5. Модельная оценка экологической обстановки компонентов природной среды с учётом атмосферных процессов - Monograph / М.: 2018. - 342 p.


Research topic: Informatization of education
Number of publications: about 70 works, including 1 textbook, 15 manuals, 1 multimedia training program for high school students in computer science (specify 5 significant manuals)
1. Theory and methods of analysis of the state of components of natural environments under natural and anthropogenic loads-Textbook-Almaty, 2017, - 240 P.
2. Basics of algorithmization and programming-textbook: Karaganda, 2014. - 255 p.
3. Database design-tutorial-Almaty, Economics, 2011-228 P.
4. Information systems-a Training manual. - Almaty, Ekonomika, 2010. - 240 p.
5. Fundamentals of Project management in 3 volumes: 1) Information texnologies - Textbook for High School, part 1 / Almaty, 2017 - - 392 p. 2) Information texnologies 2 - Textbook for High School, part 2 /Almaty, 2017 - - 328 p. 3) Software and texnologies exercises - Textbook for High School, part 3 / Almaty, 2017 - - 268 p.
6. Digital methods-textbook / Medet Group LLP-Karaganda, 2017. - 154 p.

- Algys of the Minister of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2017);
- silver medal named after A. Baitursynov (2017).
- Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry (2021).
- Medal "Excellence in Education" (2021).
- Certificate of Honor of the MNVO (2022).
- Certificate of Honor of KazNPU named after Abaya (2022).
- For a series of scientific publications, he was awarded the VDNH Gold medal (Moscow, Russia) in 2016 and 2018, as well as the Paris book fair -2018.
- Full Member of the International Academy of Informatization,
- Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science.


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