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International competition of pedagogical skills

The Department of PMPE of Institute of the Pedagogy and Psychology annually holds a contest of pedagogical skills for students of the 2nd year of the specialty. The purpose of the competition is to develop future specialists interest in the teaching profession, increase its prestige, and create conditions for the development of individual creative abilities of students. Students in the competition prepared a video presentation of the team and their specialty, developed a model of the ideal student, and prepared a lesson plan.

Due to the introduction of the quarantine, the dates of its implementation were changed. On April 13, 2020, members of the jury, primary school teachers of KSU «Gymnasium no.120 named after M. Begalin» Drygina L. V., Zybina N. V., Kotkova A.A., Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Derikoshma M.N., as well as a graduate of our Department-primary school teacher of gymnasium No. 68 Kondrasheva A.V., summed up the results of the competition.

The 1st degree diploma was awarded to the team of Perm State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University (Perm, Russia) - Victoria Shklyaeva, Alexandra Shigabetdinova, Ksenia Chernoskulova, Elena Sofronova (head - PhD, associate Professor L.V. Volkova).

This competition showed us that the borders between our States and the introduction of a state of emergency are not an obstacle to self-development and self-improvement, for communication and exchange of experience.









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