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Is distance learning effective?

Is distance learning effective? Students of Abai KazNPU, Kazan Federal University (KFU), Perm state humanitarian and pedagogical University (PGGPU), Grodno state University named after ya.Kupala (GSU named after Ya.Kupala), Pomor Academy in Slupsk (Slupsk, Poland) answered this question in their creative works.

Students noted all the pros and cons distance learning. They showed their readiness for this type of training, understanding that they thereby increase their independence, purposefulness, and develop the ability to learn. It was gratifying to read and hear in the works that they do not have enough communication with teachers and fellow students.

All creative works of students were displayed on the website «in CONTACT» for General voting (members of the jury also voted on the contest page). More than 60 people got acquainted with the works and left their reviews.

Voting was conducted in three categories. The organizers decided not to leave any of the students without a prize.

Nomination «DL-quality education»
1st place - Voitik Daria
2nd place - Rusak Ekaterina, Kaysarkyzy Ainara
3rd place - Kotilo Arina, Tursyngazina Ayaulym, Mukhametzyanova Aliya


Nomination «DL - it`s cool!»
1st place - Petsevich Karina, Tkacheva Alina, Baudinova Malika, Halitova Endzhe
2nd place - Zhamoitina Alesya
3 place - Akhmetova Ilvina, Galiullina Albina, Zakharova Anastasia, Imamieva Gulina, Sayetgalieva Zarina, Zhaksylyk Moldir, Ayap Gulzat

The category «DL is a new kind of party» (in the sense of a group of people United by a common goal and interests)
1st place - Shklyaeva Victoria, Shigabetdinova Alexandra, Chernosculova Ksenia, Sofronova Elena, Golikov Evgeny, Saypoldaeva Marina, Gafurova Guzel
2nd place - Khayrullina Kamil, Kosheleva Anastasia, Levchenko Alina, Postoiko Darina, Roman Artem, Kovtun Maria, Shulik Daria.
3rd place - Idiyatullina Kamila, Timoshkina Elina, Amerkhanova Albina, Kaysarkyzy Ainara.


Congratulations to all the winners! We believe that they will achieve excellent results in their studies.





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