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29.02.2016 years in the framework of scientific and methodical complex: school-college-university was a meeting of the  teaching staff of the Chair of Pedagogy and Psychology with gymnasium №132 teachers and teachers of Humanities and pedagogical college №2.
Head of the Chair doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Abdigapbarova U.M. presented  the heads of structural divisions of S&MC:
- Chairman of the Board of pedagogues - doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Khan N.N.;
- Chairman of the Board of Psychologists - doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Sangilbayev O.S .;
- Chairman of the Board of mentors - doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Turgunbaуeva B.A.;
- Chairman Council researchers -  doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Absatova M.A.
Director of the Humanitarian-pedagogical college №2 Duanabayeva B.Ch.  presented to teachers who are part of the above councils. Among them - the deputy director for scientific and methodical work Chinyukina O.V., on teaching and teaching practice Nurbayeva K.A., on educational work Shelaeva I.S., psychologist Nicholskaya T.S. and etc.

Acting Director gymnasium №132 Zubkova T.V. presented their teachers - members of the above-mentioned tips: Deputy Director for Research and Methodology Protaschik S.V., on educational work Kompantseva I.A., on educational work Bazhenov V.V., the head of the design and creative activity of schoolboys in Shein N., psychologist Dyusembayeva D.S. and etc.
SMC Coordinator, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Abdullayeva G.O. presented the results of the present co-college-university school in December 2015. In particular, it was noted that the cooperation agreement, developed the Regulations on the activities of SMC, made a strategic work plan. According to the plan, the following activities were carried out:
- Organized and conducted a workshop for parents and teaching staff gymnasium №132 on "Prevention of computer addiction in modern school" (candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Abdullayeva G.O., M.A. Umirbekova A.N.);
- Carried out the preparations for the first of the Republican scientific-methodical conference of scientists and teachers "Integration of school activities, college and high school in the conditions of dual-oriented education";
- Official website of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University created section, covering all activities of SMC;
- Being prepared to conduct a citywide seminar for teachers and psychologists of schools and colleges of the city on the prevention of suicidal behavior among young people and other learning.
t the meeting actively discussed the difficulties of professional pedagogical activity of teachers and lecturers, proposals for further cooperation were made in the system "school-college-university" priority areas of work of the  board were determined.

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