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Оpen dialogue on the theme «Primary education and business»


Since this academic year, the university has accepted a contingent of students under the educational program «6B01302-Primary education with business innovation» in the specialty «6B01300-Teacher training without subject specialization» in order to improve educational and social, economic and business discipline.

In this regard, on October 16, 2020, the Institute of pedagogy and psychology organized an open online dialogue on the topic «Primary education and business» with students studying under the educational program «6B01304-Primary education with business innovation».

In the section «Question and answer with a professional specialist», business coach of the national chamber of entrepreneurs «Atameken» Zholdasbekova Gulbakhyt answered for students questions and told about the opportunities offered by the National chamber of entrepreneurs «Atameken» for young professionals and young entrepreneurs. Associate Professor at the Jurisprudence Department of the Institute of History and Law Zhazylbek Lyazzat made a report on the topic «Relevance of the development of entrepreneurial thinking of students for the formation of intellectual property - the basis of innovative small business in primary education».

We are grateful to the director of the department of design of the educational programs of the university, doctor of economics, professor Baidildina Adilay, director of LLP «SKILLS ACADEMY» Tulegen Berikbal, the organizer, professor Zhumabayeva Aziay and moderator, senior lecturer Elmira Uaidulla, students of professional training «Primary education».





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