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Defectology is a special area of pedagogy

On March 16, 2022, an Open Day event was held live via the zoom platform, organized by the Department of Vocational Training of Special pedagogy of Abai KazNPU. Applicants from different regions of Kazakhstan, teachers, heads of schools and colleges took part in event. The number of all participants was 97 people.

The event began with congratulatory words by Baydosova Dinara - member of the Department of Vocational training of special pedagogy, responsible for career guidance, senior lecturer, Akbota Autaeva-Head of the Department of Vocational training of special pedagogy, Associate Professor, Zhankushkov Bauyrzhan - Head of marketing Department, senior lecturer at the Institute of pedagogy and psychology. They and other teachers spoke about the achievements of the university, its educational programs and wished the graduates to make the right choice of their future profession. It was noted that defectology is a special area of pedagogy, which requires not only strong knowledge, but also kindness and responsiveness.

Students of 1-4 courses of the specialty «Defectology» took an active part in the event. Yesterday`s entrants - first-year students of our university - provided great assistance in organizing and conducting the action.


At the open doors, the applicants were shown presentations, videos with information about all the specializations of the specialty Special Pedagogy and given answers to their questions related to admission. Applicants were interested in questions about the grant, distance learning, tuition fees, benefits and educational programs. The «Open Day» was successfully held according to the planned plan. Applicants were provided with full contact information. At the end of the open doors, the participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers. At the end of the event, good wishes were expressed to the graduates.





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