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Pedagogical practice is step in professional competence

        Systemic introduction of different types of pedagogical practice into the training plan is one of the main conditions for the development of the professional competence of future primary school teachers. Therefore, each practice with its own characteristics, goals, objectives and content contributes to the improvement of professional activity.
          In this year, the following types of pedagogical practice are planned for specialty 5B010200 - Pedagogy and methods of primary education:
1. "Introduction to pedagogical practice" educational practice (1-course, 4 years)
2. " Psychological-pedagogical diagnostics the identity of the primary school pupils " educational practice (1-course, 3 year).
3. "Methods of educational work" training practice (1-course, 3 years).
4. "Practice-1" Educational-pedagogical practice (2-year, 3 year, 4 year)
5. "Teaching in primary school" pedagogical practice (3-course, 4 years).
6. "The first day of the child in school" pedagogical practice (4-course, 3-course, 3d.).
7. "Production practice" (4-course, 3-course, 3d.).
         Based on the acquired theoretical knowledge, students will be able to gradually become acquainted with the teaching and educational features of the school in pedagogical practice.
          This year students of the 4th year passed production practice at M. Makatayev school-gymnasium No. 140 and 7 students received certificates from the school administration. The final conference was attended by teachers and students to express their gratitude and contentment to the university teachers.
          In conclusion, I would like to say that pedagogical practice and pedagogy, the method of teaching specialty 5B010200 - Pedagogy and the methodology of primary education will be able to provide the professional competence of primary school teachers.




Senior lecturer G.Zh. Omarova

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