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Students and teachers of the chair took part in the International Forum


On 4 October, 2018, students and teachers of the Chair of Pedagogy and Primary Education Methods took part in the International Forum «Issues of Continuing Teacher Education: Traditions and Innovations», which was held in the building of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the forum was to discuss the state of the system of continuous pedagogical education and the training of teachers in the CIS countries in modern conditions. The topics of the plenary discussions were: «Traditions and innovations of modern continuous pedagogical education», «Modern national scientific schools in higher pedagogical education», «The role of continuous pedagogical education in the system of professional growth of a modern teacher», «Methods of teaching disciplines in schools and universities in the conditions of renewal content of school education», «Training of teaching staff in the context of the introduction of new digital and information technologies».

Among the speakers there were well-known scientists, teachers, heads of educational and research organizations of Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Austria, etc. The program of the forum was so diverse and interesting that I wanted to visit many discussion platforms and even after the forum students and teachers exchanged information obtained at the discussion forums of the forum, shared their own opinions and impressions. Of course, such events are necessary to enhance the research activities of students and teachers, foster patriotism, a sense of responsibility and pride in their university.





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