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STEM festival for primary schoolchildren

On April 9, as part of the decade of science-2019, the Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology held a STEM festival for primary schoolchildren. The purpose of this event is to increase the interest of schoolchildren and students in the study of STEM - education, support and development of children`s curiosity, demonstration of links between science, technology, engineering, mathematics and everyday life. The program of the STEM festival included: an exhibition on four main STEM directions, a presentation of the «Algorithmics» program and the main focus of the festival - STEM stations. At STEM stations (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), students together with children solved logical problems, conducted scientific tricks, designed.

The peculiarity of the STEM-festival was that the children not only listened and watched, but actively participated - designed, created and programmed.

According to the results of the STEM-festival, each schoolchild received a diploma of the participant, students - moderator diplomas.

Pupils of third grade students of school No. 159 and No. 56 of Almaty, together with class teachers and parents took part in the festival.


The organizers and moderators of this event: teachers of the department, students of 2-3 courses of PMPE, undergraduates of 1-2 courses.







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