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A presentation-interview
«Bolmassan da uksap bak, bir galimdi korseniz...»


10 April, 2019, PhD, senior teacher of the Chair of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy, Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Assem Bulshekbayeva with first-year students (Kazakh department) specialty «5B012300 - Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge», gave a presentation-interview with scientists «Bolmassan da uksap bak, bir galimdi korseniz...».

Purpose of the event is to collect and publicly familiarize with the knowledge acquired by scientists who occupy a unique place in science.

«Today, in a period of globalization of the state, society needs the development of science and education in order to be competitive». Obviously, word of the president N.A. Nazarbayev is a big responsibility for young people.

Todayёs knowledge should be directed to the development and benefit of our country, the development and success of our people. For this purpose, 9 scientists were interviewed on the basis of the subject «Modern education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan».

The interview was conducted among scientists: the director of the institute, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Berikzhan Almukhambetov, president of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Askarbek Kusainov, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Sharkul Taubayeva, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Academician Zhamilya Namazbayeva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Islamia Khalitova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Botagul Turgynbaeva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Saule Imanbayeva, Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor Aksaule Mankesh, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Ulbosyn Kyakbaeva.

During the event, students analyzed the interview, which was taken from scientists.

Student Yerasyl Tanakanov delivered a report on outstanding scientists in the history of the university.

Viewers were asked questions, and the winners were given gifts.

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Islamia Khalitova, who participated as a guest at the event, gave a blessing to young students and spoke about science.

Deputy Director for Science and International Relations Bagdat Mazhinov noted that such events should be held frequently, and it is remarkable that students are already interested in science from the 1st year onwards.

At the end of the event, head of the chair Ulbosyn Kyakbayeva thanked the students and wished them a bright future.











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