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Seminar «Scientific heritage and pedagogical ideas of Abu Nasyr al-Farabi»

On November 29, 2019, second-year undergraduates of the specialty «6M010100 - Pre-school education and upbringing» under the leadership of the head of the Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogy of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Ulbosyn Kyyakbaeva held a seminar «Scientific heritage and pedagogical ideas of Abu Nasyr al-Farabi».

Nowadays, the works of al-Farabi have not lost their importance. His findings on governing the country, his socio-ethical and political views are especially important for modern society. The works of the great scientist had a great influence on the revival of the European Renaissance. Al-Farabi played a large role in combining science and the ancient culture of East and West.

The seminar was held in the form of a competition. The competition was attended by teams of «Zhalyn» and «Kalamger». There were 5 stages in the competition:
1. Demonstration of analytical presentation «Scientific heritage of al-Farabi»;
2. Essay «How I use in practice the pedagogical ideas of al-Farabi»;
3. The quiz «Farabi readings.»;
4. Poetry dedicated to «Teacher of teachers»;
5. Showing scenes «Inhabitants of the Noble city».

The creativity of al-Farabi - bright pages of world culture. His contribution to the development of a scientific worldview is unlimited. The many-sided creativity of the thinker, his works in various fields of science, do not stop the interest of the younger generation in the heritage of al-Farabi.

The seminar was attended by the Deputy Director for Research and International Relations of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology Bagdat Mazhinov, the teaching staff, 2-3 year students and undergraduates.

Seminar participants actively exchanged views while discussing the issues raised.











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