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1013779Elimination of academic debtopen
1023778Educational processopen
1033769Republican popular science magazine «Ulttik tarbie»open
1043767International Cooperationopen
1053756Awards and achievementsopen
1063749Scientific and research activityopen
1093697Awards and achievementsopen
1103696Rules for the filing and review of appealsopen
1113694Awards and achievementsopen
1123652Scientific Libraryopen
1133644Labor unionopen
1143640Decisions of the Academic Councilopen
1163629Charity Club open
1173602List of approved applicants for degree open
1193578Work plan of the Academic Council open
1223508Scientific eventsopen
1233497Dismissal of students from the university, providing academic leaveopen
1243494Scientific Libraryopen
1253480Scientific and research activityopen
1263453Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
1273434Departement of Russian language and literatureopen
1283434Information about the psychological testopen
1293423Department of Preschool Education and Social Pedagogyopen
1303419Educational processopen
1313416Department of Pedagogy and Psychologyopen
1323414Structural subdivisions open
1343411Information on accommodation in student hostelsopen
1353374Rules of entering to the military chairopen
1363371Educational process open
1373364Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1383363Educational processopen
1393356Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1403312Department of Primary Educationopen
1413311Educational process open
1423311Education programsopen
1433308Basic Documentsopen
1443281Social and educational activitiesopen
1453276Information about the procedure physical training standardsopen
1463256Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1473246International Cooperationopen
1483239Social and educational activitiesopen
1493238Educational processopen
1503238Departement of Kazakh language and literature named after academician S.S. Kirabаyevopen

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