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1012961Educational process open
1022946Scientific and research activityopen
1042908Creative examsopen
1052905Awards and achievementsopen
1062895Educational process open
1072891Awards and achievementsopen
1082886Educational processopen
1102847Educational process open
1112847Publishing house «Ulagat»open
1122792Educational processopen
1132778Information on accommodation in student hostels open
1142772List of approved applicants for degree open
1152755Labor unionopen
1162754Decisions of the Academic Councilopen
1172751International Cooperationopen
1182732SIP Structural subdivisionsopen
1192720For international studentsopen
1202720Work plan of the Academic Council open
1212718Dismissal of students from the university, providing academic leaveopen
1222675Scientific and research activityopen
1242643Information about the psychological testopen
1252629Rules of awarding academic degreesopen
1272612Departement of Russian language and literatureopen
1282610Scientific and research activityopen
1292608Scientific Libraryopen
1312584Scientific and research activityopen
1322575Scientific Libraryopen
1342553Startup projectsopen
1352550Information about the procedure physical training standardsopen
1362532Rules of entering to the military chairopen
1372523Basic Documentsopen
1382515Rules for the filing and review of appealsopen
1392491Charity Clubopen
1402491Educational processopen
1412487Educational programs: Preschool education, social pedagogy and self-knowledgeopen
1422457The Bologna processopen
1432429Кegulatory documentsopen
1452403Educational programs: Special pedagogyopen
1462390Education programmesopen
1472383Educational programs: Primary educationopen
1482383Department of Educational Programs «Geography, Environment and Services»open
1492371Education programsopen
1502367Educational programs: Pedagogy and Psychologyopen

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