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1512360Departement of Kazakh language and literature named after academician S.S. Kirabаyevopen
1522357Department of Educational Programs «Chemistry»open
1532352Reports and records of the rectoropen
1542332Department of Educational Programs «Biology»open
1552329University structureopen
1562319Departement of Foreign Languagesopen
1572316Social and educational activitiesopen
15823003D virtual touropen
1612283Departement of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
1622274Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1632263Sports clubopen
1642256Strategy 2050open
1652251Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1662245Social and educational activitiesopen
1672243Bachelor degreeopen
1682237Office administration in universityopen
1692219Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
1702199Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1712196Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1722191Doctoral degree PhDopen
1732179Social and educational activitiesopen
1742178Tempus projectsopen
1752154Educational programs: Social Sciences (Psychology)open
1762152Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1782147Scientific Center «Oral History»open
1792145About usopen
1812142The teaching staff rankingopen
1822132Security Serviceopen
1832124Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen
1842124Committee for Youth Affairsopen
1852116Social and educational activitiesopen
1862115Educational proccesopen
1872095Teaching staffopen
1882092Department of physicsopen
1892087Departement of music education and choreographyopen
1902084Teaching staff of the chairopen
1912076Teaching staff of the chairopen
1922076Faculty of the Department of Educational Programs in Biology open
1932062Faculty of the Departmentopen
1942057Staff of the chairopen
1962053Staff of the chairopen
1972053Departement of jurisprudenceopen
1992048Methodical recommendations open
2002047Decisions of the Rectorateopen

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