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1512818Departement of Foreign Languagesopen
1522818Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1532793Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1542788Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1572770Department of Educational Programs «Chemistry»open
1582753Кegulatory documentsopen
1592747Department of Educational Programs «Biology»open
1602741Social and educational activitiesopen
1612732Reports and records of the rectoropen
1622721Departement of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
1632667Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1642665The Bologna processopen
1662656Social and educational activitiesopen
1672616Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
1682615Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1702603Teaching staff of the Department of Educational Programs in Biologyopen
1712598Tempus projectsopen
1722591Office administration in universityopen
1732581Teaching staffopen
1742578Educational programs: Social Sciences (Psychology)open
1752576Scientific Center «Oral History»open
1762570Faculty of the Departmentopen
1772570Security Serviceopen
1792565Department of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
1802559Methodical recommendations open
1812556Teaching staff of the chairopen
1822555Social and educational activitiesopen
1832527Department of physicsopen
1842522Teaching staff of the chairopen
1872507Sports clubopen
1882506University structureopen
1892490Bachelor degreeopen
1902485Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen
1912473Scientific projectsopen
1922472Strategy 2050open
1932467Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychologyopen
1952458Departement of jurisprudenceopen
1962454Teaching staffopen
19724503D виртуальный турopen
1982446Social and educational activitiesopen
1992440The disciplines of the pedagogical cycle at the Universityopen
2002437Staff of the chairopen

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