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1513161Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1523154Department of Special Pedagogyopen
1533143Departement of Foreign Languagesopen
1543111For international studentsopen
1553102Departement of Oriental Philology and Translationopen
1563092Department of Сhemistryopen
1583059Department of Biologyopen
1593043Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1603038Teaching staff of the chairopen
1613024Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1623018Scientific and research activityopen
1633009Social and educational activitiesopen
1643004Reports and records of the rectoropen
1653001Startup projectsopen
1682980Methodical recommendations open
1692947Teaching staff of chairopen
1712937Social and educational activitiesopen
1722934Department of General and Applied Psychologyopen
1732927Teaching staff of the departmentopen
1742923Teaching staff of the chairopen
1752918Scientific Center «Oral History»open
1762902Кegulatory documentsopen
1772894Department of physicsopen
1782893Security Serviceopen
1792885Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
1802873Department of Pedagogyopen
1812857Department of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
1822857Teaching staff of the departmentopen
1832825Office administration in universityopen
1842821Corporate governanceopen
1852818Scientific projectsopen
1862812Teaching staffopen
1872812The Bologna processopen
1882784Teaching staffopen
1902760Departement of jurisprudenceopen
1912758Schedule of lessensopen
1932753Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modellingopen
1942752Social and educational activitiesopen
1952733Staff of the chairopen
1972727Teaching staffopen
1982726Tempus projectsopen
1992721Departement of Designopen
2002715Schedule of lessonsopen

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