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1523392Department of «Geography and Ecology»open
1533383Educational process open
1543359Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1563349Teaching staff of the chairopen
1573342International Cooperationopen
1583332Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1593331Department of Сhemistryopen
1603323Social and educational activitiesopen
1613307Educational processopen
1623294Department of General and Applied Psychologyopen
1633294Department of Biologyopen
1643282Scientific Center «Oral History»open
1653276Information about the procedure physical training standardsopen
1663268Teaching staff of the departmentopen
1673263Teaching staff of the chairopen
1683262Methodical recommendations open
1693232Reports and records of the rectoropen
1703222Teaching staff of chairopen
1723209For international studentsopen
1733204Security Serviceopen
1743201Department of Pedagogyopen
1763136Scientific and research activityopen
1773132Department of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
1783131Scientific projectsopen
1793130Department of physicsopen
1803121Department of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Teaching Methodsopen
1813119Teaching staffopen
1823118Social and educational activitiesopen
1833115Teaching staffopen
1853082Staff of the chairopen
1863070Schedule of lessensopen
1873068Teaching staff of the departmentopen
1883064Office administration in universityopen
1893063Educational programs of specialtiesopen
1913050Social and educational activitiesopen
1923047Schedule of lessonsopen
1943021Schedule of lessensopen
1953006Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policyopen
1963005Departement of jurisprudenceopen
1982997Teaching staffopen
1992992Educational programs of specialtiesopen
2002990Academic mobilityopen

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