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2012101Department of Informatics and Informatization of educationopen
2022092Scientific-research Center «Khakim Abai»open
2032077Departement of Designopen
2042076Prospective studentsopen
2062075Teaching staffopen
2072075Scientific projectsopen
2082073Teaching staffopen
2092071Staff of the chairopen
2102064Scientific center "Resource consultative center for inclusive education for higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personality psychologyopen
2112062Master degree and PhDopen
2122055Social and educational activitiesopen
2132048Departement of Arts Educationopen
2142044Teaching staffopen
2162035Departement of History of Kazakhstan named after Academician Sadykov T.Sopen
2172006Teaching staffopen
2182002Staff of the chairopen
2191999Scientific and research activityopen
2201995Schedule of lessensopen
2221988Teaching staffopen
2231987Departement of Physical Culture and Sportsopen
2241986The disciplines of the pedagogical cycle at the Universityopen
2251976Educational programs of specialtiesopen
2261974Schedule of lessonsopen
2281968Teaching staffopen
2291967Teaching staff of chairopen
2301965Вachelor degreeopen
2321925Teaching staffopen
2331920Staff of the chairopen
2341919Schedule of lessonsopen
2351914Social and educational activitiesopen
2361912Department for Educational, Social Work and Youth Policyopen
2371909Ranking 2017open
2381905Teaching staff of the chairopen
2391903International Partnersopen
2401901Scientists of KazNPU named after Abaiopen
2411901Schedule of lessensopen
2421897Departement of World Historyopen
2431892Schedule of lessensopen
2441881Schedule of lessonsopen
2451862Schedule of lessonsopen
2461860Awards and achievementsopen
2471846Awards and Achievements of the Chairopen
2491841Educational and Methodological Activityopen
2501840Educational programs of specialtiesopen

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